Can I Sell My Fire-Damaged House in Memphis?

If your home experiences fire damage, you’re left wondering what to do with it. Many people may find themselves wondering, “Can I sell my fire-damaged house?” With the option of cash home buyers in Memphis, it is possible to sell your home. That said, it’s important to consider your situation to determine if it’s the best idea. Can … Continued

How To Find Home Buyers in Memphis

Are you thinking of selling your home? A successful sale starts with finding the right buyer who understands your home’s value. Finding cash home buyers in Memphis may seem tricky, but this guide explains how to find home buyers in your local area and why going with the traditional route with a real estate agent may not … Continued

Four Benefits of Selling a House for Cash in Memphis

The housing market has been in constant flux for many years, prompting many homeowners to want to sell quickly. In many such cases, the benefits of selling a house for cash outweigh the advantages of other sale methods. When looking for cash home buyers in Memphis, TN, Pyramid Properties can shorten the search. We give reasonable … Continued
sell a house during probate

Can A House Be Sold During Probate?

A deceased person’s estate can transfer to a beneficiary through the legal probate process. Some individuals may wonder, “Can a house be sold during probate?” In most cases, yes. However, sellers must follow the process correctly to ensure their legal ownership of property rights. Alan from Pyramid Properties LLC explains everything you need to know … Continued